The V-Word Strikes Again

So apparently, “vagina” is the new bad word at John Jay High School in New York. So bad, in fact, that you can be suspended for saying it at an open mic session, which is exactly what happened to three female students just recently. That they were performing a selection from Eve Ensler’s “Vagina Monologues”, which celebrates the reclamation of our most basic vocabulary, is an irony apparently lost on school officials.

Putting aside, for one moment, the fact that the Supreme Court has made clear that students don’t check their rights at the school door, let’s just pause to ask: Vagina? Really? Out of all of the potentially harmful things going on in schools today, you’re concerned with students employing words that can be found in most biology text books?

You can see more of the controversy up close and personal here (Firefox only), but we also want to here from you. Can you believe that this is happening in 2007? Do you have parallel stories from decades ago? Think Eve Ensler should write these young women college recommendations?

Leave your thoughts below. In the meantime, Mr. School Principal: vagina you.

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One comment on “The V-Word Strikes Again

  1. Carmelina on

    my thoughts are go through the school library, find a book that has the word vagina in it and then photocopy that page and post it all over the school.

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