Running the Numbers

Statistics Every Jewish Woman Can Find Some Use For

Percentage of women working for 70 U.S. companies who get promoted even when they are working flexible hours (“flex-time” or “mommy track”): 53.3

(But a female consultaut hired by New York U.l A/Federation to advance the status of women there predicted at a recent meeting that if you take advantage of family leave policies, or a mommy-track schedule in the workplace, “You’re on your way lo Siberia.”)

Number of women who will develop breast cancer: 1 in 8

Percentage of funding for cancer research spent on breast cancer: 5

Percentage of female inheritors of estates worth S5 million or more who make charitable bequests compared to male inheritors: 48.35

(Men who inherit wealth are more likely to invest it in business endeavors.)

Percentage of foundation grants designated to programs that directly benefit women and girls: less than 5

For every marriage of a Jew to a Jew, number of marriages of a Jew to a gentile: 2

Percentage of children in households where only one parent is Jewish who are being raised as Jews: 25

In interfaith households when both parents are religious, ratio of children raised Jewish by Jewish mothers to children raised Jewish by Jewish fathers: 2:1

Percentage of Jewish women age 30-39 who have college degrees: 63

Percentage of non-Jewish women age 30-39 who have college degrees: 24

Percentage of white, non-Jewish American women who will be single through age 45: 7.5

Percentage of Jewish women who will remain single through age 45: 15

(Aie all those years in college having an effect?)

Number of women invited to give the annual State of World Jewry address since its inception in 1981 at New York’s flagship JCC, the 92nd Street Y: 1

(Rabbi David Woznica, Director of the Bronfman Center for Jewish Life at the Y says that he looks forward to having another woman give the address in the near future. LILITH’s Jewish Women’s Talent Bank can suggest some possibilities..,)