Dedicated to the 30 children who are in captivity and don’t understand why. Illustrated by Sapir David. 

Picturing Those Who Were Taken

We, as illustrators and Israeli residents, are raising our voices against this terror event of October 7, 2023. The project, Names and Faces, commemorates the children, people and community behind this horror. We are giving the victims of the October 7th tragedy in Israel a voice, a name and a face—showing the human and the life behind this big and unimaginable event. Here are just a couple of their stories. 

Vivian Silver is a peace activist, women’s rights advocate, and co-founder of Women Wage Peace. Fueled by her love for humanity, she works for solidarity and unity between Israelis and Palestinians. Her words resonate: “I am driven by an intense desire for security, mutual respect, and freedom for both our peoples.” Vivian was abducted from her home in Kibbutz Be’eri on October 7, 2023, by the terror organization, Hamas. Illustration by Eden Spivak.
Dedicated to Ido Levi, my little brother who volunteered for reserve duty, and to all the little and big brothers and sisters who need to protect each other now. Illustration by Maya Levy.
For Eitan Yahalomi
מוקדש לאיתן יהלומי
مهداة لايتان يهلومي
Illustration by Ilana Zeffren.
For Raz, four and a half years old, and Aviv, two and a half years old, who were kidnapped from their home one sunny morning. I ask whoever took them to show mercy, if they have some soul left. Illustration by Or Segal.
Jonathan was everything. He was always the brightest guy in the room, called a ‘genius’ by his friends, the one who always knew the answer. But he was also a listening ear, a supportive shoulder and a true friend. Jonathan had an addictive presence, which lights up every room, and conquers even the most difficult and indifferent. He dreamed and aspired the highest, fulfilled everything he wanted in his short life, and swept all his friends along with him. Jonathan loved life so much and made sure to make the most of every moment of it. Everyone who got to know him feels lucky today. Illustration by Avia Eyal.
For those who have lost their home and their community.
למי שאיבד את הבית והקהילה.
إهداء إلى من فقدوا بيتهم ومجتمعهم
Illustration by Noa Mishkin.

Names and Faces was created by Or Segal, Shahar Tal, Yael Volovelsky, and Maya Bar Yehuda, with translation work by Noa Mishkin, Noa Agassi, and Ahmed Younes.