Seeking Emerging Writers Over 40!

The writing world is full of prizes for young writers, and “30 under 30” lists abound in every field. Doesn’t it seem a little unfair?

We at Lilith think it’s never too late to nurture talent. In fact, we have a history and tradition of celebrating writers at all ages and stages of life. So in that spirit, we present an exciting opportunity: The New 40.

About the Program:
‘The New Forty’ invites women 40 years old to 100+ who are new to writing for publication to participate in a one year program providing opportunities for mentoring, learning, peer support, publication and promotion on Lilith’s robust platforms––digital, print and face to face. You will receive encouragement, mentoring, editorial support and learn from Lilith staff and guest presenters through individual meetings and group sessions held virtually. Lilith’s goal is to draw in as-yet unheard voices  and see yours flourish and publish. This project is designed with an added goal of combating ageism and highlighting the rich lived stories we know this cadre of emerging writers have to tell. 

Jews of all backgrounds and geographical locations are encouraged to apply!

What To Expect:

• 6-10 emerging Jewish writers 40+ to be identified for participation in this project.  We invite all including Jewish women identifying as women of color, immigrants, those who are disabled, LGBTQ+-identifying, rural women, and anyone who thinks they might fit the bill. 

• Ongoing support including one-on-one mentoring by Lilith editorial staff, access to editorial discussions, assignments, publishing platforms, peer connections and direct learning. Personalized editing and coaching will help shape the arc of your stories and enhance narrative skills.

• For a full year, within various content areas, this emerging over-40 writer cohort will be encouraged to tell of  their experiences in their own voices, as well as explore a wide range of issues. Whether first-person narratives or reported articles, all writing will reflect Lilith magazine’s broad approach. 

• Four virtual workshops (quarterly) for emerging writers to provide opportunities for learning, sharing, writing in many different styles and genres–memoir, fiction, reported pieces, and more–and support with Lilith staff and guest facilitators.

Important Dates:

Application Due: November 15, 2021

Applicants Notified: December 15, 2021

Program Begins: January 2022

Program Concludes: December 2022

Email with any questions.

Find the simple application via Google Forms, here. (It is also available as a word doc. Please email us if you’d prefer that format.)

About Lilith and Our Legacy of Expanding Opportunities: Lilith has a track record of providing the ongoing support necessary to expand women’s leadership skills in our very challenging era. Over its publishing history, Lilith has nurtured more nearly 200 interns, including people with disabilities, LGBTQ folks, immigrants, and people of color. Lilith has been the launching pad for more than 1,000 feminist writers and thinkers in its big-tent, intergenerational approach to Jewish feminism. Some of these writers have gone on to The New Republic, Time, Inc., The New York Times, Associated Press, The New Yorker, and a range of Jewish publications; many have won book contracts in part because of their Lilith writing. Others are now leaders in the rabbinate, the arts, academia, Jewish and secular social-justice organizations, women’s advocacy groups and more. Now is the time to ensure that the same opportunities for nurturing early-career talent can be extended to aspiring and talented writers who may still be early in their careers but are decidedly not “early” in living lives of meaning.

Lilith Outreach: Lilith’s outreach is broad, spanning different age cohorts and backgrounds, and the unique content created via this project will be shared and highlighted on Lilith’s several robust platforms:

  • Lilith magazine in print (5,000 copies of each issue, reaching 12,500 readers; an estimated 2.5 readers see each copy).
  • Online readership reaches 25,000.
  • Blog posts with original content published daily at
  • Lilith’s social media reach tens of thousands of engaged readers via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as via a proactive Constant Contact email list of 12,000 readers with whom Lilith communicates weekly.
  • Newly redesigned Lilith website ( is highly accessible on all devices.
  • Online public events/programs, many registering 200+ intergenerational participants each. Online programs feature closed captioning for the hearing-challenged, and some also offer ASL interpretation. Podcasts bring audio presentations of some Lilith content to those with limited vision.
  • Facilitated discussions on highlighted topics at 100+ Lilith Salons, meeting in person or onscreen every three months in the U.S. and Canada (most co-sponsored by Women of Reform Judaism) with thousands participating.

Apply today!

This project is made possible through the generous support of the Brandt Jackson Fund.