Black Jewish Women Artists You Should Know… Nirit Takele

Art–whether it be dancing, painting, drawing, film–creates a space for self-examination, helping us to envision possible futures, and better versions of ourselves. And the Jewish month of Elul is traditionally an opportunity for introspection before the High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Recognizing the power of art to be transformative, Lilith is highlighting Black Jewish women artists in this time leading up to and through Elul. On Lilith’s platforms you’ll have a chance to experience, share, and celebrate their work.

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This week Lilith is featuring Nirit Takele (@nirittakele.artist on Instagram).


Nirit Takele is an Israeli artist who was born in Ethiopia in 1985. She made Aliyah to Israel in “Operation Solomon” in 1991. Takele now lives and works in Tel Aviv.

Takele holds a B.F.A degree from Shenkar, the School of Multidisciplinary Art. In 2019 she won the Ministry of Culture and Sports award for young artists. Takele is a bold colorist; she builds up faceted figurative bodies through the application of near-abstract flat forms. With a sharp understanding of the power adjacent colors impart upon one another, her figures pop from the canvas, with vivid dimensional depth. Her work incorporates traditional motifs with contemporary art. Her identity is manifested in her works, through the authenticity she expresses in her social and critical standpoints.

Takele illustrates the daily life of the ‘ Beta-Israel’ community and contemporary Israeli reality, and finds inspiration in old Ethiopian sagas and folk tales remembered from her youth. 

Her works have been exhibited in Israel and around the world. They can be found in many public and private collections including the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Bank of Israel

6For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

I mostly thank the universe. For blessing me with a loving family who are always there cheering. For exposing me to the dear people who are walking by my side a long way. For doing art that I love and that I open my eyes every morning and see beautiful things happen. 



What is the world calling you to be/do in this moment?8

The universe is pushing me fast forward, and sometimes I say– wait, let me enjoy this moment too. I always believed that the universe wanted me to succeed, but I didn’t know in which way it would be. Now I get more shape of understanding. Just do my art.

This is a historic time with the isolation. However, it is a difficult time and we have seen many losses in it. It also sums up something else, you could even say a gift to humanity. Make an internal calculation and maybe make drastic decisions for change. Open up to new opportunities better than we are used to, following the pursuit of life.


What is something you need to say? To whom?

I say this to myself and to anyone who wants to achieve something–  always strive towards the goal and take the small steps that will bring you closer to it.  Sometimes the path requires mental effort from you. Even if it seems distant and sometimes difficult to achieve, do not worry, the universe will suit it for you. Listen to intuition and be true to yourself.