If You’re Scared About “Roe” Today, Welcome to the Struggle

Yesterday’s bombshell news that Justice Anthony Kennedy—a reliable pro-abortion rights vote—is retiring from the Supreme Court means that Roe v. Wade is truly, seriously imperiled. We could wake up within a few years to find abortion fully illegal in over 20 states.

Ironically, in recent months, right up until the Kennedy-related outpouring of fear we’re seeing at this very moment began, abortion rights advocates had noticed a growing fatigue around the issue.  Buzzfeed published an opinion piece by John Paul Rollert called Trump’s Power Isn’t Fear. It’s Fatigue.  The relentlessness of this administration’s violence, its undoing of and disregard for human rights, and its intolerance and attacks on  for science, logic,and journalism have left a lot of us with a sense that exhaustion—you might call it outrage fatigue.

2 comments on “If You’re Scared About “Roe” Today, Welcome to the Struggle

  1. Miriam Kalman Friedman on

    Yes, this has been an exhausting year for those of us who follow the dangerous actions and rhetoric of the Trump regime and their supporters. I receive 20 requests a day for donations. And yet, we all still care deeply–those of us who care at all. It’s important to stay engaged and fight hopelessness. I’ll be registering voters this summer and fall. And staying visible on FB.

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