Dear Reform Movement, Israeli Feminism Isn’t Enough

jerusalem barbed wire

“NFTY takes a stand on controversial issues,” declared a rabbi and staff member at the time to a room of a thousand high schoolers and Jewish professionals at NFTY (North American Federation of Temple Youth) Convention 2011. The room erupted in cheers and applause. In that moment, I felt proud to be part of a movement that took a stance on such issues. I still feel proud of the education and advocacy NFTY does on domestic issues in the United States. However, I wish I knew then what I know now—that NFTY was not speaking about the occupation in Israel-Palestine.

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  1. someone on

    what a bounch of lies, keep listening to your campus and your BDS friends, they know everything after all.
    1) palestinians has no conncetion with israel, they are seperate people and there is no reason for israelis to learn about their culture or history, you are talking about enemies not friends with culture exchange.
    2) according to the polls the ultra-orthodox are a minority in israel , so the ultra-orthodox dont decide about their life or culture.
    3) “the sexism imposed by the ultra-Orthodox on the rest of Jewish Israeli society” -what the hell? israel’s women has more rights than american women! israel integreted women in here society even before the foundation of the state and before women were able to vote in usa!
    4) there is no occupation stop with this lie, area A and B and even gaza strip controled completly by palestinians, there is not a single israeli there not even idf soliders.
    area C is run by israel by oslo agreements so no occupation there too.
    5) there is no east jerusalem, just jerusalem as east and west are the same city, and it will remain israel’s capital forever so your fight for it is pointless, same goes for golan heights.
    6) it is obvious you never visited in israel, and everything you know is what your friends and media told you, so why do you think you have the rights to criticize something you know nothing about??

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