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Gloria Steinem said it well: “Lilith offers scholarship for argument and women’s personal voices for enlightenment; and it does all of this with anger and delight, good writing and humor.”
But you knew that already.
On every page, Lilith boldly explores the lives of Jewish women and men: from Jewish feet to why Beyonce matters to how to do justice with our money to mikveh rights to what our clothes signify about us.


In Lilith you encounter the life stories of women like–and decidedly unlike–yourself. 
Lilith illuminates paths to a female-friendly Judaism:
  • One former Lilith intern says she never would have spoken at her grandmother’s funeral if not for the permission she received from Lilith’s articles.
  • A culture-shaper in her 30s writes that “Reading Lilith I knew that I didn’t have to leave the Jewish world to be a feminist.
  • A well-known painter tells Lilith, “Thank you for provocative, sensitive stories. I find inspiration for my imagery in your words.”
  • A literature professor says she can introduce her students to Israeli women writers because Lilith translates and publishes their short stories.
And Lilith does this on a bare-bones budget, with a small and devoted staff.
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