A.M. New York: Highlights for Lilith Readers

80-year-old woman who had never piloted before safely landed her husband’s twin engine Cessna.

After watching her husband collapse at the helm and die in front of her, Helen Collins brought his plane to a safe landing:  “she kept her composure and sounded like she had been a pilot for years.” Other sources reveal that she landed the plane on a single engine after the second engine ran out of gas. Wow.

Barack Obama described the Republican budget as “thinly-veiled social Darwinism”

Associating the ‘evolution is only a theory and so is creationism’ Republican party with Darwinism: just brilliant.

Passover is a great time to try NY’s Jewish restaurants, but service can be “old-shul”

Ouch! The phenomenon of being ignored at shul has now been memorialized in a mainstream media restaurant review – we really must get better at making newcomers feel welcome! Also, apparently the going rate for a seder menu in New York is about $75 per person. Ouch.