Winter 1992-1993

Nostalgia vs. Politics: what to do when you inherit hand-me-down furs. Lilith discusses women’s charity and what Jewish fundraising will learn from feminist philanthropy.

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Inheriting Fur

Lilith Feature

Incest/Holocaust Parallels

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Listening to Myself on My Daughter’s Message Machine


On my daughter's message machine

An Incest Survivor Reclaims her Place in Jewish Community


I am a person who loves to dance, who is stubborn, a writer, a woman, a Jew,’, the child of Holocaust survivors — my mother, who has a wicked sense of humor, my father, who says that the world is reborn on Rosh Hashana. I have blue eyes. I have a green thumb. I play... Read more »

Surviving Incest in a Holocaust Family


On Friday nights, I light the Sabbath candles and recite the ancient blessings of thanks to God. I am alone in my contemplation of the spirit, eating in a shrouded silence. Through the loneliness of this weekly ritual, I mourn the loss of my family, the loss of my biological connectedness. Like my parents before... Read more »

The Rashomon Coat Tale


It was a sable, said my father—a sable coat that my grandmother went to Siberia to buy. Five thousand rubles, said my father—all the proceeds from the sale of the store. She sold the store to join my grandfather in America, he said, and she bought the coat to carry with her and sell for... Read more »

The Pocket Reveals Its Secret


For women of her time and place, a mink coat was the ultimate status symbol. Whatever sufferings these Holocaust survivors had endured, during either the war or the nights and days of their new lives in America, the fur coat, trite as it may have been to some, was a mighty symbol of security. In... Read more »

Jewish Women’s Philanthropy


We earn money, inherit it, manage it, write out own checks to the UJA, and influence our spouse’s charitable gifts, too, yet women’s charity has been startlingly undervalued. Why? Is it because Jewish women give money away differently from men? Find out what Jewish fundraising will soon learn from the new wave of feminist philanthropy.



Keep running ads for Good Vibrations! It’s a good-humored, woman-positive enterprise, and an important resource for women who want to explore (and enjoy!) their sexuality without braving sleaze stores. Splitting our bodies from our spirits cripples both. Shalom, by SUSAN ROTHBAUM, Minneapolis, MN I have enjoyed my subscription to LILITH for four years (it was a gift to... Read more »

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