Summer 2004

Emerging form the matrushka doll, Russian-Jewish-American women dish about other American Jews. A new Jewish mother enters the Mommy Wars. Three activists set to work. Patriarchy in Paris.

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I Am an American


From 1917, an intimate narrative, part of LILITH's celebration of Jewish women's lives in America, marking the 350th anniversary of Jewish life in the U.S.

American Jewish Women from Russia are Emerging from Inside the Matrushka Doll


Remember those bat mitzvah twinnings with deprived Soviet Jews? Now our twins are here in their 20s and 30s. Listen in on them in the LILITH office as they talk to Rachel Kranson--and eachother--and hear first hand what young American Jewish women from Russia really think about their mothers' careers, their Jewish identity, and other American Jews.

Poetry: Klara


at 89 she remains beautiful, a widow of two, a motlier of two, a grandmotlier of four, a great-grandmotlier of three, she keeps all her little belongings in a thousand individual plastic bags, and she sits for hours at her brown armoire and rustles in her parcels, cotton stockings in one, rubber bands for the... Read more »



In the kitchen of the house where Shayna grew up, Mother waves a lipstick tube at Shayna’s mouth. “Make an O.” Shayna shuts her eyes and puckers. In that dark hangs a negative of Mother’s face, closing over Shayna like a lid: vertical wrinkle between the brows, faint beginning of a second chin. “Tighten your... Read more »

Why Women’s Organizations Won’t Repair Our Mind-Body Split


How to juggle home and workplace? Who is responsible for helping families keep all those oranges in the air? These have been focal questions for feminists since the movement began. The passage of the U.S. Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) in 1993 was a great victory. But thanks to restrictions in the act, more than 41... Read more »

Working? Mothering? Conflicted?


Who Am I? When I had a three-year-old and a seven-month-old, I loved my children passionately, and I was also very unhappy. This made me guilty. What did f have to be unhappy about? I had two healthy, beautiful sons; a husband who sometimes got on my nerves but whom I loved; a house that... Read more »

We Need a Playground Revolution


Working? Mother? Conflicted? It’s everywhere. Just in case you have been living on another planet and think our writers are the only ones worrying…here are pungent outtakes from the latest reports on mid-career motherhood.

Career Shock


Ambitious, talented, and educated to be believe she’s any man’s equal, a thirtysomething writer takes a stunning hit—to her career, her marriage and her psyche. Why? She has a child. For anyone who’s ever been a mother, your guts will churn as you watch her struggle for safe passage between burnout and opt out.

Readers Respond


To articles on young teens and oral sex, Betty Boop, and body obsession at a women's seder.

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