Summer 1999

Understanding motherloss: what happens to a girl when her mother dies young.  Daniel Belasco on his normal childhood in a lesbian household. What the conservative movement owes its women.

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Lilith Feature

Noga, Israel’s Feminist Magazine

Lilith Feature


A section exploring the reverberations through a lifetime when girl's mother dies prematurely

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Mothering Without a Map


The author's mother, orphaned early, had trouble bonding to her own children, replicating in a second generation the distortions of motherloss.

The Shame of Having No Mother


Dad dies when she’s 3. Mom when she’s 11, and the kids are abandoned to foster care. Here’s how Cournos came through, ventured motherhood herself, and turned her pain into empathy as a psychiatrist.

Can You Be a Family Without a Mother?


A sociologist understands the gendered effect of her own mother’s death after she interviews women and men who’ve had a mom die on them when they were children.

Introducing FLASH Rosenberg


Introducing a humorist, cartoonist and "Bewilderness" guide.

The Hudson River School of Tashlikh


In which a quintessential Upper West Side single Jewish woman casts away crumbs with rituals that renew her at Rosh Hashanah.

My Perfect Family: Two Moms


Belasco, one of a new generation of Jews raised in a lesbian household, is among the first to speak out about how normal his life was.

Giving to Ethiopian Immigrant Children


An American journalist in Jerusalem marks a milestone birthday creatively.

Conservative Judaism’s Unfinished Business


Stop! Just when you thought it was safe to use the new prayerbooks! A rabbi’s wife speaks her mind on injustices against women, and claims that he new manual for Conservative rabbis skirts the issues. With responsa from rabbis.

White Butterflies


Ordinary adolescent yearnings intersect with the macabre. Her Holocaust-survivor mother killed herself when Flusberg was 15, leaving her orphaned daughter a survivor, too.

Among the Gypsies


"My counterparts," she calls German Gypsies, as they share recipes for kuchen and strudel, and a horrifyingly parallel legacy of attempted annihilation.



Female Mohels Why is it that women tend to make themselves feel more “a part of the world” by emulating men and male behavior? Having women mohels [“When the Mohel Is a Woman,” Spring 1999] goes so against the grain of my soul I had to speak out. This is ritual at its finest. The ritual mutilation... Read more »

The Invisible Women of Afghanistan


Females may not work outside the home, leave home without being accompanied by a male family member, go to school, receive medical care from male medical personnel or seek medical care without being accompanied by a male relative. Women may not use birth control. A woman has no legal rights and may seek legal action... Read more »

The Assassination of Rabin: A Provocative Interpretation


In an excerpt from her book, Next Pesach: Women and Literacy in Religious Zionism, Tamar Elor compares the assassination of Yitzchak Rabin to a murder committed to preserve family honor. She uses this metaphor to illuminate some of the political-ideological thinking that led to the murder and that guided the ensuing national mourning for the... Read more »

The Reasonable Woman In Court


What would a reasonable person expect, understand, do or avoid doing in a given situation? Our assumptions of what is reasonable behavior affect criminal justice. Do our assumptions take into account the different life experiences of women and men? Take, for example, a defendant who claims self-defense for a murder. Wouldn’t a reasonable person try... Read more »

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