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Spring 2009

Women in writing groups learn to take seriously their skills, and themselves.
Female resistance to the Nazis. Jewish women doctors who pioneered birth control. Teen sex crisis in comic form.

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Lilith Feature

Jewish Women’s Writing Groups

What We Write and Talk About In a (Shared) Room of Our Own

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Beautiful, for a Feminist


Sometimes, even hardcore feminists find themselves competing in a beauty contest.

A Little Woman Made the World


A little woman made the worldHer bed,That great round globe.And it didn’t escape the worldThat a little womanLay resting on him.And he grew grasses into her lap,Wrapped her bodyWith leaves of grass.Carried her offAs he carries mountains and valleys,Lands and seas.And this very woman would whisper:O world—O bed of mine,O world—rivers and streams,Raging seas and... Read more »



Grandma was short and compact as a fire hydrant, with gray wavy hair swept straight back from her face, held with tortoise-shell combs. Her eyelids drooped as if weighted, and her eyes looked out from deep pouches. But they were kind eyes, mild and patient. Her cheeks were crosshatched with wrinkles. The pores on her nose... Read more »

Two Doctors/One Friendship


The haunting memoir of two survivors who meet in a post-war Polish medical school, and learn in the most devastating way that not all scars are visible, nor can every ailment be treated.

No, Margaret Sanger Wasn’t Jewish


But an astounding number of doctors who pioneered the 20th century’s birth control movement were Jewish women! Sometimes arrested for promoting contraception and sex-ed in neighborhood clinics, they paved the way for today’s repro-rights activists. Plus… Helen R. Cordes tells us how to mark the 50th anniversary of the Pill.



Uncovering female resistance to the Nazis, historian Stobl notices a modest self-dismissal: many of these women never identify their profoundly serious, courageous and - yes - defiant behaviors as actual fighting back. They shy away from being labeled heroes.

Love Letter


A short story, hilarious, poignant and graphic--in every sense--about a moment in middle school when a bat mitzvah-aged girl faced a crisis of sexual identity.  Uh-oh.  Grown-up, she's exactly the kind of girl she'd insisted she wasn't.

Sundays at the JCC:


12 Writers in a Room

After Growing Up in a Orthodox World:


Raising My Voice

After Laura Died


The Last Writers’ Group

Sharpening Our Pencils


Jewish Text Comes First… then Adrienne Rich

Believing in Ourselves


“If You Can Write It, I Can Write It, Too.”

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