Spring 2005

Jewish women’s salons: making a revolution in your living room. How a courageous bubbe saved the Kentucky coal mine strikers. Vulva consciousness. Moms of autistic kids bond in the Midwest.

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Lilith Feature

9,000 Dishes, 120 Seders, 60 Years -Hey! I Could get into this

The good years, the angry years, the anxious years, and now—the triumphal years

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The Power of Jewish Women’s Conversation


Read “The Power of Jewish Women’s Conversation” here. 

G-ma and Me


Real estate, so cruel to so many, hands Bennett a new relationship when her engagement breaks off.

Autism Moms


In a city in the Midwest, a growing cadre of Jewish moms bond. They have special-needs kids and a special Jewish community. Illustrations by Israeli artists--children and adults--with autism.

Speaking the Unspeakable


Even fearless Jewish women have trouble saying it! Surprising findings from the bestselling psychologist.

Leni Sonnenfeld’s Pictures


Even in her 90s, her clear eye made Sonnenfeld the photographer of record for the humble poignancies of Jewish life around the world.

Working the Mikveh


We take turns: Yehudis, Miriam, Lillian and I. The mikveh is behind Miriam’s house so she gets to staff it three nights a week; the rest of us take the other... Read more »

Why I became an English Professor


For a child of Holocaust survivors, Shakespeare is a refuge

Kentucky Coal Mine Bubbe


How one courageous woman saved the strikers and defied the bosses, 75 years ago.



So many doves huddledin that wall,pushing themselves in.Ancient lime stones rubbed smooth, beseechinghands find their comfort. Handwrittenand folded, what the heart inscribes, hidden graffiti crying songs of smoke.Brambles between cracked... Read more »

How to Make Next Passover’s Seder More Meaningful, Starting Now


Passover is a journey towards wholeness, towards a metaphoric “promised land,” and if we remember that—and that alone—we will create a seder each year that is not only deeply meaningful but,... Read more »

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