Spring 2001

Jewish women’s breasts! (A whole special section!)  The Queen of Sheba. Jewish mothers and gay sons. Why worrying works. Myla Goldberg short story.

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Lilith Feature

Let’s Talk About Breasts

Lilith Feature

Is Worrying a Jewish Woman’s Second-Shift Job?

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Big Horn Passover


Instead of lamb I eat angus steer medium rare drenched in Heinz 57,play pool with the only other customer while the juke boxblasts a song about blue, and that’s when... Read more »



To live with her was to sit completely on the floor, entirely on the grass, wholly in the hollow of her crossed legs, utterly in the mud. To live with... Read more »

In Every Girls Heart


The author of the buzz novel Bee Season bores a peep-hole into an all girls summer camp.

Looking Away


What has just happened in the split-second when I wasn’t focused on the urgent task at hand? asks our author in her poignant attempt to stay vigilant.

Always Buy Gold


Surviving the worrying in a Holocaust survivor’s family.

The Anatomy of Worry


Her daughter lost on the road ahead, an advanced-degree worrier takes us through all the stages of her panic.

One Woman’s History of her Breasts


Sarah Blustain tries to contain herself.

Who Own My Breasts?


Charlotte Wyman (our pseudonymous memoirist) tells why she had a surgeon shrink her breasts—and what the guys in her high school did afterward.

Did You Know the Venus of Willendorf was Jewish?


Sander L. Gilman reports on the prejudices of body-image anthropologists.

Breasts Notes Toward a New Cartography


Hanne Blank on why some Jewish women diminish their bodies’ power and pleasure.

Jewish Mothers & Gay Sons


What to say and do when you find out your son is gay? One woman knew all along; she clues others in to what in the Jewish world has been good for her son, what hasn’t, and what shrinks and books have been helpful.

The Queen of Sheba’s Fuzzy Legs


What is a Jewish feminist’s relationship to the Q of S? She has a lot to teach us, and it’s not just about how to seduce a famous king.

Readers Respond


Putting Baby Up for Adoption Thank you for your feature on adoption [“Sex and Shame in a Different Era”, Winter 2000]. In 1964 I was a pregnant teenager waiting out... Read more »

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