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Fall 1998

Speaking out as a Jewish woman’s birthright.   Deborah Lipstadt on the battle over women’s Holocaust experiences. Why Roald Dahl is bad news. A hilarious vagina monologue.

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Lilith Feature

Why Is The Wall Street Journal Now Devaluing Women’s Holocaust Experiences?

Lilith Feature

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Vagina Monologue


That heralded stage piece in which an unnamed Jewish woman from Queens talks about her fear of “down there.”

Think Twice about Roald Dahl


Rereading the classic author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory through a Jewish feminist lens, Landsberg marshalls convincing evidence of misogyny and anti-Semitism.

Fresh Voices


Four young first novelist tell what spurs them to write such terrific fiction 

Let Us Now Praise Big-Mouthed Jewish Women


At last we can begin to understand the power of speaking out, and why it’s a Jewish woman’s birthright. Our resident rabbi analyzes the phenomenon of the loudmouthed, justice-seeking hollerers we’ve all met (and feared and admired), and explains why, right in the prophetic tradition, these women are able to counterdict both the JAP stereotype and the quiet-lady paradigm. Sarah Blustain profiles several real-life Big Mouths our readers have nominated as their role models.

Recovering Memory


At age 54, I attended my first Holocaust Survivor Reunion. Because I was a child of survivors, I was asked to be on a panel called “Second Generation Children of Holocaust Survivors.” I was also, however, a survivor myself, who had lived through what I had only heard my parents elliptically refer to as “terrible events”... Read more »

Bob & Arline & Norm & Alyce


A widow and widower (grieving separately but in parallel) are surprised by joy in finding each other.

Women Scholars Speak Up


Paula E. Hyman: It is ironic that Gabriel Schoenfeld accuses feminist scholars of the Holocaust of writing with a political agenda. For Schoenfeld, who presents himself as concerned simply with saving the Holocaust from being “academicized,” is part of a right-wing political assault against feminism—in this case Jewish feminism—and the considerable and generally well-received scholarship... Read more »

An Egregious Attack on Women’s Holocaust Scholarship


Gender studies aims to redress the alleged neglect of women (plus various sexual minorities including homosexuals and the “transgendered”) in scholarly disciplines across the alphabet from astronomy to history to zoology. It was only a matter of time before its zealous and accusatory gaze fell upon the study of the Holocaust, and now it has... Read more »

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