Welcome a Baby

With new ways of celebrating the births of Jewish girls, Lilith expands on this ancient tradition. Plus, a feminist take on circumcision: why it’s so important to Jewish communities, and what it says to women.

A Woman’s View of Circumcision
Fall 2011
by Elana Maryles Sztokman
This traditional Jewish rite of passage is how we welcome newborn boys. Now, it’s also inciting both anti-Semitism and a big dose of feminist ambivalence.

To Bris or Not to Bris? (Coming soon!)
Fall 2010
by Randi Glatzer
Stealing glances at little boys’ penises, a postmodern mother frets her way through the complexity of circumcision.

Ceremonial Welcoming for a Newborn Jewish Daughter
Winter 1996-1997
by Sharon and Michael Strassfeld
The impact of the women’s movement has led this Jewish couple to seek a ceremony for girls equivalent in meaning to the boy’s bris.

Circumcision: The Power of the Tribe (Coming soon!)
Winter 1992
by David Kotzen-Reich
Bris anxiety? All the feelings you’ve ever had against this practice will surface again as this father describes his struggles over whether or not to circumcise a first-born son.