This classic harvest holiday gets a new twist once feminism and fruitfulness get together.

Eco-Ushpizin: Women Take On the Environment
Fall 2007
by Rabbi Susan Schnur
Meet an activist farmer, a veggie pioneer, a legal eagle and more. In the spirit of Sukkot, Lilith revisits the idea of Ushpizin—honored guests for the holiday. Find out what these inspirational women are doing, and what you can do, too.

Succoth in a Feminist Voice
Fall 1994
by Michele Landsberg
Fittingly enough, it was her experience of exile that goaded her into the most Jewishly creative endeavor of her life.

The 11th Commandment Brought down from Sinai
Summer 1997
by Deena Metzser
A maturing integration of tradition and feminism, combining the canon and “tincture-of-girl.”