When Jewish Space Laser Jokes Hide Something Terrifying

The outrage about the “Jewish space lasers” conspiracy theory isn’t about just one stupid claim. It’s a fractal issue, something that is magnified with more substantial consequences as it gets reproduced on increasingly larger scales. I see my community regularly give free marketing to our detractors, rather than amplifying what might be our desired messages, in all of their diversity and nuance. Let’s shout the words of our trusted allies across lines of difference, and the vision of what we want to see more of in the world. This antisemitic rhetoric needs to be shut down unequivocally and/or not amplified. 

“Mitzvah goreret mitzvah. Averah goreret averah.”—A good deed leads to a good deed and sin leads to sin. Antisemitism leads to more antisemitism and justice/liberation leads to more justice/liberation. We deserve liberation, loving accountability when needed, immense compassion, and loving partnership. 

I am here for my peoples’ healing and complete liberation. I’m not here for any antisemitic jokes about us. But I’m also willing to respect differences of opinion. As part of a people who have been repeatedly targeted for destruction, I choose each day to love my Jewish “extended family” unconditionally, even when it’s hard and even when we disagree. 

APRIL BASKIN on the Lilith Blog, February 2021.