No Longer Among Us

Sara Feder-Keyfitz (January 8) age 80. Keyfitz was a former president of the Pioneer Women (1951-1955), a prominent sociologist, and an advocate of women’s rights.

Sara Herzog (January 13) age 82. Herzog was the founder and president of the National Religious Women’s Organization in Israel. She chaired the Ezrat Nashim Mental Hospital in Jerusalem, and numerous other committees devoted to work for disadvantaged families and delinquent youths.

Celia Adler Forman (April 25) age 89. Forman was the “first lady of Yiddish theater.” In 1918, she helped to open the first Yiddish Art Theater in New York, and appeared in many Yiddish productions. She wrote the two-volume “The Yiddish Theater in America.”

Judith Wax (May 25), age 47. Author of Starting in the Middle, autobiography of her struggle to become a writer in mid-life, and shorter pieces, including a moving account of how she and her husband Sheldon (who died with her in the same plane crash) coped with their son’s religious struggles.