Myriam Mendilow: Mother of Jerusalem

by Barry and Phyllis Cytron [Lerner Pub., Minneapolis], $21.50

If you’re committed to providing young Jewish girls with inspiring role models, no one better fits the bill than Myriam Mendilow [1910-1989|. In this nicely written biography for pre-teens (with photos), readers are introduced to a true “foremother” and humanitarian, born and bred in Palestine. Mendilow’s primary mission was “to give the elderly of Jerusalem self-respect,” and she founded and directed Lifeline for the Old, an extensive network of medical and social services and occupational workshops. Mendilow, a.k.a. “The Mother of Jerusalem,” had a motto: Life is a gift, and should be exploited to the full by young and old. God—give me work while I live, for to be is to do.