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Jewish Women & Food (Eat, Eat, Diet, Diet)

Approach/avoidance at the Jewish trough

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Teaching Yeshiva Girls


So that’s what Robert Frost meant??? A secular English literature instructor lands in an ultra-Orthodox high school for girls. "To Sir with Love" with a Jewish spin.

Our Foremother: Amy Levy 1861-1889


Even the barest outline of Amy Levy’s life is tantalizing. Born in the Clapham section of London in 1861, she was the first Jewish woman admitted to Newnham College, Cambridge. In her lifetime .she published three novels and three collections of verse, and contributed to several major literary magazines, including Temple Bar and The Gentleman... Read more »

Shabbat at the Nursing Home


A nursing home is nobody’s idea of a happy ending. But an unusual mother-daughter volunteer team has visited every Friday for many years—-reviving Yiddishe memories for the Jewish residents at a Methodist facility. Plus... -Altruist at Age 14—meet Rachel Dalton, four-year veteran of visiting -"Pretend they’re in armchairs, not wheelchairs."—how to visit a nursing home and what to say when you get there. -"Bring your birds."—Unusual volunteering possibilities, from finches to clown noses.

Not Arabs and Not Jews: Druze Women in Israel


When we hear about the Druze people’s full participation in Israeli society, that means only the men. A Druze woman can aspire to an engineering degree, but not a driver’s license. This paradox makes Israel’s Jewish population look progressive on women’s roles.

Identity and Anxiety


"Continuity"—how to ensure Jewish survival—is the fin-de-millennium hot potato of the organized Jewish community. But how does feminism play in the frenetic drama being enacted in self-important Jewish commissions, task forces and conferences around the country? The real excitement in Jewish life comes from women; our new scholarship, new books, new rituals, new pedagogy. Here’s what’s really "continuity"—the best news is feminist.

My Mother the Queen of Moth Balls


Really my mother is moth ball mad;not just attic or basement but living roomstoo, all receive the treatment: generous application to stacksof five for a dollar paperbacks;liberal coverage of rug scratched to nap by a train of cats;periodic replenishment around the chair of a manrecovering from radiation as the Dow flickers by. The final step,... Read more »

First Generation


We wanted our parents to be bland,to fade into the flocked wallpaper.We wanted our parentsto pay less attention to us.We wanted our mothersnot to sew our clothes and notclutch us as we crossed the street.We wanted our fathersto be like other dadsand booze with men in hotel bars. Instead our fathersmarked long hoursin greengrocer shops,coming... Read more »

My destiny


My ancestors have put on weight, their bodies white against the skyline of Brooklyn or Warsaw, bath slippers skimming over black roof. Here my ancestors tan and do not age, saving, “The sky was never like this. So uncluttered, so gay.” I come up once a week with Coppertone and the Sunday Times. It’s enough, it... Read more »

Bev Naidus: Body-Size Artist


Beverly Naidus, 41, tenured professor of “activist and new genre art” at California State University at Long Beach, first published her book. One Size Does Not Fit All, at her local Kinko’s. “I thought female body hate was my personal, clandestine obsession, my own self-esteem problem. At the time I was doing ‘serious’ art about... Read more »

The Clean Plate Club


At a National Women’s Studies Association meeting, a woman told the following story. When she was a teenager, her mother, a Holocaust survivor, constantly pressured her to eat more and put on weight. Why? Because “in the camps,” her mother explained, “those people who had a few extra pounds could survive a few extra days.”... Read more »



HAIR WE GO AGAIN What about women with no hair? How about Phyllis Ocean Berman, Program Director of Elat Chayyim, the Jewish Renewal Retreat Center, who chose to go wigless after she lost all her hair? What courage ! Equal I think to the bearded woman you feature in your Hair articles [Spring ’95.] Also, I... Read more »

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