Mazel Tov

CYNTHIA OZICK, fiction author and critic, and SISTER ROSE THERING, executive director of the National Christian Leadership Conference for Israel, were the recipients in May, of the Sam Levenson “Woman of Valor” Award, given during Jewish Heritage Week in New York.

ALICE SHALVI, head of the Israel Women’s Network and prominent modern Orthodox educator and feminist, received the Emil Gruenzweig Award from the Association for Civil Rights in Israel.

MYRNA SHINBAUM has been appointed director of the Anti-Defamation League’s newly created Soviet Jewry Project, which will work in conjunction with the Confederation of Jewish Organizations and Communities of the USSR (VAAD) to expose, analyze and combat anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union.

DOLORES KOSBERG WILKENFELD of Houston, TX, was elected chairperson of the North American Board of the World Union of Progressive Judaism, which represents more than one million Reform Jews in the United States and Canada.