Hot Jewish Sex

Since our own sex lives are great, of course, we at LILITH weren’t feeling terribly motivated to plow through the new, fat and monumentally boring findings of the National Health and Social Life Survey concerning sex (boiled down into a mere 700+ pages, including pie charts and dotted graphs, called The Social Organization of Sexuality, by Laumann, Gagnon, Michael and Michaels). Lucky for us. though, Anthony Lake compacted the material into five short pages of heady foreplay in The New Yorker. The stunning truth, according to Laumann el alia: “Americans are not having much partnered sex at all.”

Jews, however, present a different story. Writes Lake about the general dearth of sex in our society (and the one exception to this rule):

I found myself scouting rather desperately through the pie charts for a slice of the American people to keep me company in my meagre history of transgressions. Help arrived in the form of Jewish lovers, who continue to fizz, so I learned, with an erotic excitement denied to those of other faiths, and whose recorded achievements returned me to a comforting state of Protestant inadequacy. The Jewish male is almost the only predator still roaming the prairie of intercourse, and his choicest mate—no surprise here—remains the Well-Read Girl. “Twice as many women who went to college have given or received oral sex as compared to those who did not finish high school, and twice as many of these better educated women had or received oral sex the last time they had sex.

” So, it was good for us. Now how about a little post-coital Steinsaltz Talmud?