The Board of Jewish Education in Baltimore, MD, is sponsoring a “Jewish Lamaze Experience,” childbirth preparation within a Jewish framework. The course will include lamaze training by a professional, discussion by community rabbis of baby-naming and birth ceremonies, birthing options, and more. The course will be offered September 8-October 27, and the cost is $50 per couple. Registration must include a permission slip from your doctor. For more information or to register, contact:

Rena Rotenberg, Board of Jewish Education, 5800 Park Heights Ave., Baltimore, MD 21215

The 92nd Street Y in New York is offering a unique program for those afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease. The program takes place three days a week and the Alzheimer’s client participates in individual and group activities designed to maintain and strengthen his or her ability to continue in the functions of daily life, to remain a part of the community, and to enjoy living. For information on admission, call:

Anita Kane, Director, (212) 860-7012


Biblio Press has just published the revised edition of ‘The Jewish Woman Bibliography: 1900-1985″ compiled by Aviva Cantor. It includes the first edition of 1979 with corrections and additions, as well as an extended essay by the compiler on trends in Jewish women’s writing and research. The cost of the book is $9.25, and it is available from:

Biblio Press, P.O. Box 22, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

The Woman’s Institute for Continuing Jewish Education has available two books: “Midlife and Its Rite of Passage Ceremony” is a description of the transition made at midlife plus a midlife rite of passage ceremony; “The San Diego Women’s Haggadah” is the story of the Exodus from Egypt which includes women’s history and ceremony. To order these books, or for a list of other titles, contact:
Woman’s Institute for Continuing Jewish Education

4079 54th Street, San Diego, CA 92105


For information concerning rentals of “Partisans of Vilna,” the film by Aviva Kempner covered in issue #16 of LILITH, contact:

European Classics, 4818 Yuma NW, Washington, DC 20016

Jewish Women in London Group, a feminist oral history project, has available a tape-slide show called “Three Jewish Women.” Through pictures and oral history interviews, three Jewish women describe their experience of being immigrants or daughters of immigrants. The program offers alternative images of Jewish women and breaks down the popular stereotypes of some Jewish women and the virtual invisibility of others. Its aims are to raise questions about Jewish women’s identity and about the experience of being an immigrant. It, therefore, suggests links with other ethnic minority groups in England. For information about booking the program, contact:

Jewish Women in London Group, Southbank House, Black Prince Road, London, SE1 7SJ England

Judy Goldstein commemorates the 100th anniversary of the death of Emma Lazarus, American Jewish poet, in song and narration in Yiddish, Hebrew, Russian, and English. For terms and dates, contact:

JWB Lecture Bureau, 15 East 26 Street, New York, NY 10010, (212) 532-4949


The Woman’s Institute for Continuing Jewish Education is planning a 2nd Edition of Taking the Fruit: Women’s Tales of the Bible,” which is a collection of modern midrashim—short explanations of biblical passages. If you would like to submit your work to be considered for the book, the deadline is March 1, 1988. For further information, please write to:

The Woman’s Institute for Continuing Jewish Education, 4079 54th Street, San Diego, CA 92105 

For a book on the Yiddish “Shund” Theater in New York (1884-1918) the author would like to locate photographs of scenes li’om the plays, actors, etc. If you have access to, or know of, such photographs, please contact:
liana Bialik

YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, 1048 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10028, (212) 535-6700, ext. 54