Fall 1987

JAP-baiting on campus. Jewish men: detoxifying our relationships. The passionate Yiddish poetry of Malka Heifetz Tussman. Reading the writing on the wall: German Jewish women who saw what was coming.

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“JAP”-Baiting on the College Scene

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Taking the Law into Our Own Hands


Announcing a new column where women can pose questions abut their own lives which they feel require halachic (Jewish legal) responses. The religious arbiters creating the answers will be all women scholars—a first!

What Remains is Random


June 1, 1947 Dear Clara:This evening they let vs go to a film. I’m not sure what it was because only ten minutes into it, a bell rang and the... Read more »

Mother Nature and Human Nature: The poetry of “Malka Heifetz Tussman”


One of the Many gifted women of her generation writing in Yiddish, Tussman—who died last spring at 91—is remembered here by a younger poet. An added attraction: Falk’s translation of Tussman’s poetry.

Jewish Women/Jewish Men Detoxifying Our Relationships


Many Jews see themselves (and each other) as asexual and passionless. Ethnotherapist Perel tells us why these and other negative in-group images and ambivalent feelings about Jewish identity lead Jewish women and men to reject each other.

Reading the Writing on the Wall


As the Nazis consolidated their power in the 1930’s, German Jewish women sensed the threat sooner and saw it as more dangerous than the men did. Historian Koonz sorts out the reasons.

Blazes of Truth


Frigid/promiscuous, dependent/aggressive—-students grapple with the contradictions of the "JAP" myth. Plus: Francince Klagsbrun on why the anti-Semitic "JAP" stereotype is popular among Jews now.

The Graffiti Wars


How faculty, students, and administration responded to the spring offensive against Jewish women on one campus.

JAP-Baiting on the College Scene


An epidemic of graffiti, an explosion of verbal abuse in public places, women afraid to stand up in a football stadium because of the catcalls. The place is the college campus. The target is the "Jewish American Princess."



Dear Editor: I read in the Summer 1986 LILITH the interview with Pauline Bart on rape with great interest. Her comments were pertinent and perceptive and it was a most... Read more »

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