Egalitarian Seder

A group of men who consider themselves “recovering sexists” have written their own egalitarian Passover seder to “help rectify the original injustice in the world that took place against women.”

According to Dr. Jack Stanzler, the “Feminist Interest Group” of the New Jewish Agenda chapter in Ann Arbor, Michigan, also wrote the seder to welcome back into the Jewish community the mythical figure of Lilith who represents the “worst aspects of Jewish sexism.” Along with Elijah’s cup, another cup and a full place setting is set for Lilith “whose resistance to injustice and tyranny inspires all of us.”

While some feminists criticize the seder because it was written by men, Stanzler feels that men “have to become involved in the process to end oppression.” He adds, “My mother taught me that I didn’t have to know everything in order to act and that the primary need is courage — without which, nothing happens.”

Copies of the seder may be obtained through Stanzler, 332 E. Washington, Ann Arbor, Mich 48104.