Spring 1989

Family systems: pioneer therapist Olga Silverstein on life, love and Jewish identity; Harriet Lerner on sisters. Chicken farmers of southern New Jersey. Campus life for Jewish women. Gender in Jerusalem.

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Lilith Feature

“The Playpen of the Patriarchs”

Why we needed a conference on the empowerment of Jewish women

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E.M. Broner


On the last day of the conference, there was a demonstration — one of faithful women — at the Kotel (Western Wall of the Second Temple), for morning services and... Read more »

Letty Cottin Pogrebin


I grew up in a family that argued about everything from halacha (Jewish law) to Henry Wallace. This background taught me three principles: 1) certain issues are serious enough to fight about;... Read more »

Bella Abzug


As Jews and as feminists ours is the task of self-definition. We’re here today to discuss how to define the needs, state the objectives and commit ourselves to the changes... Read more »

On the Arts


A review of Barbara Lebow's hit drama "Shayna Maidel" and the playwright's earlier work, a drama about how a Caribbean family was similarly sundered.

Down on the Farm


From the late 1920’s, Jews were chicken farmers in southern New Jersey. Here is a first-hand account of what life was like for girls and women—-the community’s enveloping support, the tragedy of early death and living with a stepparent, the pains of physical ardors.

Amsterdam to Auschwitz


A historian born in Westerbork explores the romance and the suffering in the remarkable diaries of a mercurial, moral and passionate young Dutch intellectual who chose to die in the Holocaust.

Campus Life for Jewish Women


For the first time anywhere, a roundup of what life is like for young women at 18 colleges, along with a checklist of what to ask about the next time you visit an undergraduate institution.

Sisters and Other Family Legacies


The author and her sister were given the best of everything, even in a family that couldn’t afford much, including psychotherapy from the age of two! What life as like for two daughters raised not just to "find someone" but to "be someone."

Olga Chats


Olga Silverstein, a pioneer in the field of family therapy, gives her iconoclastic views on life, love and Jewish identity in an interview with Susan Schnur. 

Lines of Communication


JEWISH WOMAN CAUCAS To the Editor:Thank you for the information on the Jewish Women’s Caucus of the National Women’s Studies Association [Kol Ishah, Winter 1989]. The caucus has a mailing list... Read more »

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