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72-2001-fall_small-130x182Fertility Challenges

In our pro-natal culture, what does it feel like for Jewish women and men who are having a problem becoming parents?




Ecological Feminism

Bring your eco-consciousness into your life as a Jewish woman. These Lilith articles take on the challenges and joys of balancing the important ideas that you value. From greening your wedding to taking Sukkot as an opportunity to reconsider the environment, Lilith’s frankly feminist lens can be your guide to the world around you.



This curated collection includes first-person accounts of traditional women’s ritual practice of monthly immersion prior to resuming sexual contact after menstruation, plus narratives of women using mikvah to mark major life changes like divorce or a name change, reports on using the mikvah for healing, for gender transition, and after recovery from grave illness.



Lilith’s writing about adoption has broken new ground through first-hand explorations of alternative family formation, the memoirs of adoptees, the rarely heard narratives of Jewish women who decide to relinquish their newborns for adoption, and more.



Breast Cancer

This curated collection of Lilith articles explores breast cancer with care and nuance, looking through the eyes of the survivor, the peace activist, the epidemiologist, the physician, the student, the teenager, and the friends and family of those diagnosed with breast cancer. 



Covering our naked bodies has been around since Eden. But walking out the door each day to face today’s world, we’re doing more than mere modesty requires. For many women privileged to have such choices, how we choose to present ourselves is, sweepingly, about identity. So… what do smart women say about fashion now? Lilith writers weigh in.



Lilith magazine amplifies the voices of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer-identified Jews, and their allies. From the ordination of lesbian rabbis to the complicated story of becoming a woman as an adult for the first time, here’s the Lilith lens on building inclusive communities that fit a multiplicity of identities.



Thanks the generous support of Charlotte Newberger, Lilith Magazine is able to publish contemporary Jewish feminist poetry year-round. Even better, once a year we host the annual Charlotte Newberger Poetry Contest. Here now, for your reading pleasure, are the first-prize winners since the contest’s inception in 2004.



Since its premier issue in 1976, Lilith has been involved in the retrieval of women’s writing in Yiddish–from the bilingual Yiddish/English poetry of Irena Klepfisz to original translations of the work of Esther Singer Kreitman, the forgotten sister of I.B. and I.J. Singer.