Illustration by Sivan Ellman.

Lilith’s Summer Listens

Happy summer! At Lilith, we believe that it is always the perfect time to immerse yourself in Jewish feminist media. And what better opportunity to dive headfirst into music than the summer? For you, the Lilith team collected their summer anthems, old and new, into a playlist. We strived to highlight the voices of Jewish artists but what feminist summer playlist would be complete without “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman and a Dolly Parton song? 

Listen to the playlist here and scroll for some insider insight from Lilith’s summer interns about what they will be listening to while they sunbathe with an independent, Jewish, and frankly feminist read in the coming months. 

Alexa Hulse

  1. “פנתרה” (“Pantheress”) by Noa Kirel

Despite having never attended Hebrew school a day in my life, I have been obsessed with Hebrew pop music recently. And Noa Kirel makes the Jewish hot girl music of my dreams!

  1. “What’s Going On?” by Eliza

Eliza is a fellow queer Jew from the South so she has a special place in my heart. Besides the fact that this song will have you na-na-na-ing all day long, “What’s Going On?” is the kind of music that plays in an indie coming-of-age film right when the main character realizes exactly what they need to do to change their life. We could all use some of that energy this summer! 

  1. “Welcome To My Island” by Caroline Polachek

When I found out that Caroline Polachek is Jewish, it made my whole day. This song is the perfect mix of existential dread and beach pop, which pairs wonderfully with the current Cancer sign energy floating about.

Sivan Ellman

  1. “It’s Too Late” by Carol King 

Carol King brings me back to childhood: dancing with my dad in the living room, singing back and forth “it’s too late, darling.” Learning that King is Jewish too makes the song 100x better! 

  1. “This Life” by Vampire Weekend 

As a California girl, this song encapsulates the ‘windows down driving down the PCH’ feeling that I crave now living in New York. This upbeat, semi-pop but also “Brown Eyed Girl”- esque type of song is truly a gem I highly recommend. 

  1. “You’re so Vain” by Carly Simon 

Summer romances can be tough and sometimes you just have to scream “you’re so vain.” I absolutely love Carly Simon’s soft rock song because it gives listeners like me the opportunity to belt out and express all of those pent up emotions. 

Gwen Tucker

  1. “Feel Like That” by Emma Jayne

Emma Jayne’s Instagram bio tells it like it is: “singer-songwriter, class clown, did a really good job at my bat mitzvah.” An artist who got her start singing at Jewish summer camp, Emma Jayne’s queer, feel-it-all folk songs are exactly what I need this summer. In “Feel Like That”, she sings about when everything is too good to be true, which is the energy I’m hoping for this summer!

  1. “seven” by Taylor Swift

Since I’m a recent attendee of the prolific Eras Tour, Taylor Swift’s music has definitely been on my mind lately. While she’s not Jewish, this song is produced by Jewish musician Aaron Dessner, so I’m claiming it! This one from folklore is one of my all-time favorites. I’m listening to it this summer and thinking of my childhood best friend, who I miss so much!

  1. “Wildflowers” by Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton’s classic song “Wildflowers” is about the feeling of restlessness, and leaving the place you’ve called home in search of something different. As a New York transplant for the summer, this song speaks to my desire to find community and feel connected in a new place. 

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