Your Jewish Horoscope: Jan. 3-Feb. 1, 2022

People have been looking to the stars and the changing seasons for clues and guidance about their lives since the beginning of time. In fact, the Hebrew calendar and the Jewish way of tracking time was designed around these natural cycles and still guides Judaism today. The holidays, metaphors, and teachings we are familiar with all began as connections to the natural world: shifts in the night sky, changes in the moon, the ripening fruits, the changing wind temperature. When we connect to this way of keeping time, we also connect with ancient Judaism, with our ancestors, and with our inner knowing. Often, the honoring or the neglect of the lunar phases and the life cycles of the plants coincides with the honoring or neglect of the sacred feminine within. These horoscopes are a synthesis of listening deeply to the wisdom of the Hebrew calendar and to the world around us. We invite you to take these words as inspiration to connect more deeply with yourself, your ancestors, the Hebrew calendar, and the natural world.

Were you born during this Hebrew month? If you’re not sure, you can use to look up your Hebrew birthday. 


Were you born in the month of Shvat?

You share a birthday with the trees. Your roots are very important to you. Your family, your ancestors, your heritage, this is what makes up who you are. You hold and pass on the collective wisdom and stories of your family and ancestors. Others find your presence calming and centering. You sometimes take longer than others to complete projects, but your outcomes are often stronger and more long-lasting.⁠ You choose your words carefully and need time to think before acting.

If this is not your birthday month, here’s what Shvat might have to teach you:

This is a month to celebrate trees, those ancient beings which provide sustenance and clean air to humans and whose deep roots hold the Earth in place. It’s also a great time to celebrate your family tree, your ancestors, and your chosen family. Connect to your past and see what wisdom lies there. Find ways to nurture your health this month, support your respiratory system and connect to your breath. 

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Collage by Rebecca Katz (@katzcomics).