7 Jewish Feminist Things To Do Instead of Valentine’s Day

4) Choose what you’re wearing to the Purim party (even though Purim is problematic too). You need to start thinking now. Will you try to parody someone in the administration and hope they still have their job come March? Go for the classic Darth Lord Bannon? Spend hours deciding which 20th-century Anarcho-Communist is your one true love?

5) Dox Nazis. If summoning a golem isn’t your thing, this is a good alternative.

6) Write a queer midrash for Song of Songs. Or your fanfic shipping Ruth and Naomi. Or Jonathan and David. Really whatever speaks to your heart.

7) Scream “Fuck Capitalist Patriarchal Christian Hegemony.” You can do this anytime you see something that reminds you of Capitalist Patriarchal Christian Hegemony. It definitely won’t become exhausting at all as your voice gets hoarse raging at the world.

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