The Feminism of Camp Kinderland

At age 11, when I went to Kinderland for the first time, I found a feminist haven. You couldn’t walk into a bunk without tripping over a copy of the book Our Bodies, Ourselves. Speaking of bunks, they are named not only after male heroes such as Pablo Neruda and Joe Hill but after female heroes as well.  Harriet Tubman, Emma Lazarus, Ernestine Rose. Kids make dreamcatchers (of course) in the Käthe Kollwitz arts and crafts shack. And when you were sick you go to the Lillian Wald infirmary. Recently, after the camp built a new bunk, the name of Audre Lorde, the lesbian feminist African American poet and activist was in the running.

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  1. StillLearning on

    Why would anyone support feminism? By it’s very nature it’s sexist. Say no to bigotry.

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