Nothing New Under the Sun: Women in the Domestic Workplace

What Lilith publishes really has legs! Just look! Check out this item from today’s news, and then read what Lilith said earlier on this very subject.

In this New York Times article from June 2, 2010, “For Nannies, Hope for Workplace Protection,” Russ Buettner reports on workplace rights for domestic workers in New York.

For a Jewish feminist take on the issue, have a look at Lilith’s 2006 article, “Who Cleans Your House?” in which Alice Alexiou writes about acting ethically and responsibly when you hire household help.

And for a slightly different slant on some similar questions, inform yourself with Lilith’s poignant special section from 2002, “Jewish Girls and African-American Nannies.”

And when you’re done with that, how about “Gringa Guilt and Housework,” writer Janice Eidus’s incisive look at the intersection between cross-cultural adoption and “women’s work.”

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