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Feminist Awakenings

What struck me most upon reading Deborah Siegel’s engaging history of the modern feminist movement, Sisterhood: Interrupted, was the sense of absolute awakening that the feminist revolution of the 1960s and 70s gave to so many women. As a woman born into a world where the basic feminist tenet of equality between the sexes has… Read more »

Ode to Ann Coulter

Here’s something to lift Melanie’s spirits. Or perhaps anger her further. Though I “defended” Ann Coulter two posts ago from the big whoop about her statements regarding Jews on CNBC’s “The Big Idea,” I had to share this video which does a great job of critiquing Coulter in general, for all of her offensive, hateful… Read more »

In Defense of Ann Coulter. Well, Sort of.

I feel bad for Ann Coulter. It’s not that she isn’t, as comedian Kathy Griffin put in the comedy special I saw on TV last night, “a crazy @&#@%,” but the current anti-Coulter campaign, led by the National Jewish Democratic Council, is unfair. In response to comments Coulter made about Jews in an interview on… Read more »

I Am Woman, Hold My Torah

The observance of the Simchat Torah holiday, the time when Jews celebrate the end and beginning of the Torah reading cycle, was particularly celebratory — and historically significant – this year. It marked what is believed to be the first ever women’s Torah reading on the Lower East Side of Manhattan – and it was… Read more »

The Battle of the Sexes in Israel

Two controversial decisions are being made in Israel right now regarding the equality of the sexes. The news that encompasses more of the country is that an Israeli Defense Forces commission called for the full integration of women into the Israeli army, causing a stir among both military officials who believe the move could detract… Read more »

Madonna and Kabbalah

Madawna? She loves us! In case it wasn’t already apparent, it is now officially official – Judaism is so hot right now. Madonna, the queen of hot-right-now, has announced herself an “ambassador of Judaism,” to Shimon Peres, no less. Oy, what would Golda Meir think? Madonna — excuse me, Esther — has been into Kabbalah… Read more »

Rabbis Are People, Too, Even the Abusive Ones

In his pre-Rosh Hashana Editor’s Note, Baltimore Jewish Times editor Neil Rubin reflected on what he learned in the wake of breaking the story about rampant sexual abuse in the Baltimore community. In particular, Rubin and his paper were criticized for printing the name of one alleged serial offender, the revered, deceased Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro,… Read more »

Torah Written by Women for…Everyone

These are some extremely exciting times for women who care about the Torah. First it was announced that “The Torah: A Women’s Commentary” — the first comprehensive commentary on the Torah written completely by women — will be published this December, a significant accomplishment fifteen years in the making. For most of us, that would… Read more »

A Matriarch's Tomb Is a Great Spot For a Bat Mitzva

The hot new bat mitzva spot is at a grave sight, the supposed grave sight of the Biblical matriarch Rachel, to be exact. Or so the builders of the new World Bat Mitzva Center, adjacent to Rachel’s Tomb, wish it to be: “Organizers hope the new center will help Rachel’s Tomb acquire the same allure… Read more »