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Feminist Awakenings

What struck me most upon reading Deborah Siegel’s engaging history of the modern feminist movement, Sisterhood: Interrupted, was the sense of absolute awakening that the feminist revolution of the 1960s… Read more »

Ode to Ann Coulter

Here’s something to lift Melanie’s spirits. Or perhaps anger her further. Though I “defended” Ann Coulter two posts ago from the big whoop about her statements regarding Jews on CNBC’s… Read more »

I Am Woman, Hold My Torah

The observance of the Simchat Torah holiday, the time when Jews celebrate the end and beginning of the Torah reading cycle, was particularly celebratory — and historically significant – this… Read more »

Madonna and Kabbalah

Madawna? She loves us! In case it wasn’t already apparent, it is now officially official – Judaism is so hot right now. Madonna, the queen of hot-right-now, has announced herself… Read more »