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Punch-drunk on Democrats: Convention #1

Before anyone calls partisan bias, let me assure you this blog has some excellent programming planned for the Grand Old Party’s party, too–but the Dems are up first, and I am hooked. Okay, so we’re not going to talk about last night, which was pretty damn pareve, Senator Kennedy aside. I’d much rather talk about… Read more »

Partying Like It’s…1981?

Man, somehow I woke up this morning and walked into the mid ‘80s. That’s how it felt, anyway, after I found a pamphlet from Mother Jones, circa 1981. For the record, 1981 predates me—not by much, but a bit—and so I count reading such material as history, normally. But this time…I don’t know. This little… Read more »

Tisha b'Av: A Family Story?

Gosh. I leave New York—and my trusty laptop—for a few days, and the world goes beserk. John Edwards and his affair, Russia invading Georgia, random violence at the Olympics, and a scandal involving Sudan’s profit margin on the same kinds of food the world is shipping its starving citizens. Yikes. Yet through all of this,… Read more »

“How Many Acts of Genocide Does It Take to Make a Genocide?”*

I had a whole post planned about rising gas prices, but Netflix finally came through with a movie I’ve been waiting literally years to see. That movie, which I’ve just finished watching, is Hotel Rwanda, and I don’t think I’ve felt this punched in the gut since…well, since the first time I saw Schindler’s List.… Read more »

Keep Talking

As I sit in sweltering Brooklyn, trying very hard not think about global warming, I rather wish I were in another sweltering room, in Austin, Texas, watching the Netroots Nation conference, an annual conference for progressive bloggers. I have a few friends there, and I can’t wait to hear how it went. As someone who… Read more »

At 232, a New Day?

So, America turned 232 this past weekend. Unfortunately, it seems like lots of people aren’t feeling too good about the state of the nation. Polls indicate people are feeling bad about the direction America seems headed in. I think when kids studying U.S. political history look at our era, they’re going to be reading something… Read more »

Get Off the Sauce, People

It’s funny how a news cycle—and even an important policy debate—can kind of sneak up on you. When did offshore drilling become such a hot topic? How is it possible, in this post-Inconvenient Truth era, we’re somehow still having a debate about whether or not to radically curtail our consumption of oil? Jon Stewart summarizes… Read more »

Going by the Numbers

We’re back to the numbers this week on the campaign trail… A new study is out about how the McCain and Obama proposed tax plans would affect two specific focus families. The families chosen were the Obama and McCain families (neat trick). Check out the results here. Essentially, if you’re in the top 1% of… Read more »

Queering the Conversation

Brooklyn Pride was this past Saturday night. It was intermittently pouring, and both those of us watching and the soggy marchers got soaked and didn’t really care. I love the huge excitement of the big Pride Parade, which is weeks to come yet here in NYC, but I love Brooklyn Pride because it’s a lot,… Read more »

Mr. Obama Goes to AIPAC

Shavuot was never a big-deal holiday in my family—it was pretty much the Festival of the Cheese Blintz. It’s only been in more recent years that I’ve learned about the lovely theological bases for this celebration, and worked towards understanding the sublime joy of receiving the Torah. I received a number of great Shavuot-related press… Read more »