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Sukkot is coming up next week. As a self-described natural Jew, I love this harvest holiday. I love decorating a sukkah with gourds and juicy apples (or in the case… Read more »

Date Honey

Last week, I got a call from my boyfriend’s mother as I was walking to my local co-op. “Yosh’s dad and I went to a shiur yesterday.” she told me.… Read more »

Kitchen Tshuvah

Rosh Hashanah always sneaks up on me.  Every year I tell myself that I’m going to engage in serious self-preparation for the holiday – take time granted me (the month… Read more »

Tell Me Your Food Story

I’ve been into polls lately. I don’t mean the political polls concerning the upcoming election (though I’ve been keeping an eye on those as well). I mean informal polls where… Read more »

Riot Kitchen

The secret to the feminist revolution is in a vegan cupcake. Brooklyn born, Isa Moskowitz, is the founder and co-host of the Post Punk Kitchen, a public access cooking show… Read more »

Women and Dough

“For three transgressions women die in childbirth: for being careless regarding [the laws of] menstruation, the tithe from dough, and kindling the [Sabbath and festival] light.”– Bameh Madlikin / Mishnah… Read more »