Tag: Chavatzelet Herzliya

Yom HaShoah

When the siren went off all over Israel at 10am this morning for Yom HaShoah, I watched as the country came to a momentary standstill. From my third-floor office overlooking… Read more »

The Last of the Chametz

In just a few hours, my colleague Efrat and I will set out for the London Book Fair, one of the major annual events in the global publishing industry. There… Read more »

Weaving Words

We are often told that the way to learn to write well is by reading great literature. But I think that it is just as important to listen to a… Read more »

Having It All, Jerusalem-Style

On Friday morning, I was cooking for Shabbat and cleaning my Jerusalem apartment while listening to a radio station that shall remained unnamed. While I cut up cauliflower, I listened… Read more »

Running Commentary

I was jogging in Jerusalem on Rehov Yaffo on Saturday night when I was harassed by a hasid. Well, I’m not sure if it was really harassment proper (by which… Read more »