Author: Sonia Isard

Sonia Isard is the assistant editor of Lilith, as well as contributor to, and moderator of, the Lilith blog.
Lamentations for Trayvon Martin

Reading over my JPS translation this weekend, one eye on my book and one eye on my Twitter feed, it was almost too easy to read the Trayvon Martin case into the text. Too easy to feel that, in addition to commemorating the Temples of old, we should be in mourning for the justice system of today.

Occupy Your Mind

Looking for a little light reading as you Occupy [Wall Street/Judaism/what have you]? You’re not alone. Elizabeth Gumport reports back on “the missing—or lost!—link between health class and internet pornography”… Read more »

Paint Yourself Out

“The hell with them all. Paint yourself out, through and through, it will come by you alone. You must come to terms with your own work not with any other… Read more »

Lilith Intern Takes the Stage!

Elissa Goldstein emerged victorious! Her six-word story was a winner at the recent Jewish memoir competition run by Tablet magazine and Smith magazine.  See below for more pics from the occasion, which also featured… Read more »

The Spin Cycle:Happy National Coming Out Day…?

The much-discussed disintegration of the boundary between the public and private spheres on the internet has real-life implications. As much as DADT is on the radar, as often as gay marriage reaches the senate floor, the transition to high-tech media increasingly brings personal (not policy) stories to the very public fore. These personal stories can end with victory or tragedy.