Spunky Woman

The LILITH Mother’s Day “spunky women” column has been dedicated by Vivian Leith of Minneapolis in memory of her mother, Lillian Arkin Schwartz of Winnipeg, Manitoba. “My mother had indomitable spirit!’ says Leith, “spunky does not begin to describe the depth of her intellect and courage. She was a woman of great determination and strength of character!”

Lillian Schwartz (1908-1986) was an innovator, a woman willing to follow her own path doing what few women of her generation did. At the age of 19, she hitchhiked across Canada with a girlfriend. Later she became the first woman to graduate from the University of Manitoba Law School. Limited by severe asthma, she nevertheless wrote children’s books, was a sculptor, practiced law and successfully played the stock market.

The youngest child and only girl in a family of boys, Lillian was left to her own devices. “Since there were no rules fo*- her” says Leith, “she made her own!’ She built a modern house when no one else did, entered a male profession when no one else did and played the stock market “her own way!”

Leith is honoring her legacy.

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