Raising Awareness of AIDS in Israel

Sections of the International AIDS memorial quilt containing panels created by Israeli and diaspora Jews and by Arabs will be displayed in Israel this winter. The entire quilt, an enormous piece of art now consisting of over 12,000 panels, has been created by friends or family members of those who have died of AIDS worldwide.

The Israeli exhibit of the quilt has been requested by Israeli health officials, who say that with the current political situation in Israel, AIDS education and awareness has received insufficient attention.

The number of AIDS cases in Israel is still relatively low, according to Ron Lezell, spokesperson for the Friends of the Israel Tour. “Right now, there is an incredible opportunity for Israeli Jews and Arabs to keep the number low and stop the spread of AIDS.

The selected panels are being brought to Israel for the occasion of World AIDS Day (December 1), and will be on display for three weeks in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa. Educational material will be distributed at the exhibitions.

Individual contributions and organizational sponsorship are being solicited by the Friends of the Israel Tour. Funds in excess of tour cost will go to Israel’s AIDS services. U.S. tax-deductible contributions can be made to: NAMES Project-Israel Tour, 1642 Irving St., San Francisco, CA 94122. Those who seek information on the quilt or who will wish their panel to be included on the tour should contact Friends of the Israel Tour at (415)824-4449 or the NAMES Project Foundation at (415)863-5511.