Data on Women Lurk in New Pew Report on Jewish Americans

If you dig into the findings, you’ll see that investing in women is investing in Jewish community and life. On questions broken down by gender (which researchers identified only as male and female), those who identified as women were more engaged in Jewish life, were more likely to believe that being Jewish is about religion, ancestry, and culture; to have observed Shabbat in some way; to have held or attended a Seder; observed a ritual to mark a milestone; and to have fasted on Yom Kippur. Women are more likely to own Judaica, attend religious services, and believe remembering the Holocaust is important. Women are more likely to support rabbis conducting interfaith and same-sex marriages. More likely to want our grandchildren to be Jewish, to feel a sense of belonging in our Jewish community, and to feel responsibility to help Jews around the world.
And, something I read with particular interest, women are more likely to donate to Jewish causes. Clearly, women are the drivers of the Jewish community and should be invested in as such.

MEREDITH JACOBS, “If you want to make a difference in the Jewish community, fund women,” e-Jewish-Philanthropy, May 20, 2021.