Period Equity is an advocacy group of menstrual equity minded lawyers, who are fighting to improve access to affordable, safe and sustainable menstrual products and reproductive health education. The team’s founders, Jennifer WeissWolf and Laura Strausfield created Period Equity after years of research, writing, and legal experience in the field. More details at

The Well Project combines ritual, wellness, and feminism to bring together a “tribe of like minded sister queens” for their monthly Well Circles, spiritual Rosh Chodesh gatherings where women can restore connections to one another, their own bodies, and their spiritual practices. While not exclusively menstruation-themed, the Circles focus on physical and mental wellbeing, as it relates to moon cycles and Jewish feminist ritual (for those who do menstruate). Find out more at

Cycle Forward is a Chicago-based menstrual equity organization that collects donations to purchase menstrual products and donations of menstrual products for folks in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Florida, England, India, and Haiti. Created by college student Sophie Draluck, the organization seeks to combat period poverty across the globe. Learn how you can get involved at

Girls Helping Girls, founded by Elise Wiener Joy and her daughters Emma and Quinn, is a New Jersey-based nonprofit seeking to educate communities on the importance of better access to menstrual products, as well as collecting and donating products to those in need. Uniquely, this organization is partially youth-led! More details available at

I Support the Girls serves those experiencing homelessness, who often lack access to essential personal care products. The organization works internationally to collect and distribute bras, underwear, menstrual products, and more for those escaping relationship violence, sex trafficking, natural disasters, and more. During the pandemic alone, they have collected 3,000,000 products for communities in need. For more, visit