Jews Must Confront Anti-Asian Violence

As a Jew of Color community builder, I’ve learned that building trusted relationships takes time.  

Both of my peoples, Asian-American Pacific Islanders and Ashkenazi Jews, have shared histories of fighting for justice—in labor movements, anti-Vietnam War protests, and alongside Black civil rights leaders. 

To my fellow Jews: it is time to begin building relationships and solidarity with your AAPI family. Volunteer to patrol your closest Chinatown or Little Saigon. Donate to organizations providing essential services to  AAPI communities. Ask your AAPI communities what they need, and respond directly to their requests. Show up again and again, and mobilize your synagogues and Jewish communities to do the same. Take care of each other. Only we can keep us safe. 


BEKKAH SCHARF on the Lilith Blog, February 2021.