Earth Poetica at night.
Installed at 3 World Trade
Center, NYC. Photo by
Eugene Gologur- sky/Getty Images
for Barkar Studio.

Our Planet in Plastic

A new installation by Israeli artist Beverly Barkat, on view at 3 World Trade Center in NYC, is composed of more than 100,000 pieces of plastic litter. “Earth Poetica” is a 13-foot sculpture showing Earth as a dumping ground for which humans are responsible, and suggesting the possibility for creative redress.” beverlybarkat.com/exhibition/earth-poetica

The Hunger Museum

Mazon, A Jewish Response to Hunger, now offers a “virtual experience” exploring history, politics, and solutions to hunger in the U.S. Through six digital galleries, you’ll learn about all the factors that contribute to food insecurity and have the power to end hunger, among them public policy and local food sourcing. The museum also offers an in-person space in Washington D.C. with hands-on activities. bit.ly/HungerMuseum

Orthodox Social Justice

Uri L’Tzedek (“Orthodox Social Justice”) utilizes Torah teachings to spur action in many realms, including social justice education, workers’ rights, animal advocacy and more. They also offer live and recorded classes. Check out “Exploring the Diaspora Jewish Community of Latin America” with Dr. Analucia Lopezrevoredo, “Social Kashrut in Law” with Shayna Abramson, and “Chanuka and the Ethics of Remembering Our History” with Rabbanit Alissa Thomas-Newborn. See their latest programming at utzedek.org.

Jewish Food Stories

The Jewish Food Society, a culinary- focused nonprofit organization, has a podcast that will make your mouth water. Schmaltzy is all about food, Jewish culture, and more. Podcast guests include Jews of all experiences, from Robby Hoffman to fashion writer Liana Satenstein to cookbook author Alison Roman, each of whom share stories about family, Jewish life, and the dishes we love (or don’t love!). Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

Jewish Eating and Learning

One part “Jewish Tavern” and one part “House of Learning,” LehrHaus is a new Jewish hub in Somerville, MA. The food menu riffs on Jewish classics with Mac + Cheese Kugel and Halva ice cream sundaes. As for their non-edible offerings, upcoming food for thought includes a Rosh Chodesh gathering, a class on Hebrew poetry from a professor of Sephardic studies and a lecture on Jewish controversies over end- of-life care from a Harvard palliative care physician. Learn more at lehr.haus.

Photo from Lilith.org

Joan Roth’s Adventurous Feminist Photographs

A Feminist Lens: The Art & Activism of Photographer Joan Roth is an intimate film portrait of (Lilith’s!) internationally acclaimed photographer Joan Roth. The film focuses on five decades of Roth’s pioneering work using her camera to advocate for home-less women in New York City, to document pioneers in the U.S. Women’s Movement from the 1970s to right now, and—significantly—to illuminate the diverse lives of Jewish women around the world. Directed by Pamela French. Visit videopress.com/v/ hd2sBtAM to view the trailer, and hope that this film screens at a venue near you.

Honoring Holocaust Heroism

Have Art Will Travel presents: “Holocaust Heroes: Fierce Females—Tapestries and Sculpture” by Linda Stein. This three-part exhibition includes a collection of sculptures, tapestries, and a short video, which celebrate and commemorate the bravery of Jewish and non-Jewish women who fought back against evil during the Holocaust. From Gertrud Luckner’s role in smuggling Jews to Switzerland to Anne Frank’s vivid record keeping and storytelling, each act of courage and strength was heroic in its own way. An accompanying exhibition book is available as well, with a foreword by Gloria Steinem. The exhibit will open at the Center For The Visual Arts in Kent, Ohio on August 22nd, and a gallery of the artworks in this exhibition is available at haveartwilltravel.org.

Reimagining Holy Space in The Holy Land
Through August 17th, catch a new art exhibit curated by Miriam Stern and Harriet Finck at the Vila Gallery in Jerusalem. “And I Shall Dwell Among Them: The Desert Sanctuary Reimagined” is a collection of 13 works from 15 artists across the U.S. and Israel. In a variety of media, each piece casts its own contemporary lens on the tabernacle which Israelites brought across the desert centuries ago. More at MiriamStern.net.

Jewish Garment Factories on the Canadian Prairie
“A Stitch in Time’’ explores the Jewish history of Winnipeg’s bustling garment industry, and the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada centers labor history and women’s roles in it. On their website: “Entering into the 1950s women made up 80% of the industry’s total workforce, and that percentage remained unchanged in the 1980s…. The number of Jewish garment workers decreased dramatically as the children of the early immigrants became university educated and opted for professional and semi-professional careers. The old sweatshops have been replaced by modern de-skilling and speed-ups. Women, who form the bulk of the workforce, have gained little in real wages over the last thirty years.” jhcwc.org/exhibitions/a-stitch-in-time

From Survivor to Suspect

Now streaming on Netflix, Victim/Suspect, from Jewish filmmaker Nancy Schwartzman, explores the “troubling trend of police turning survivors into suspects.” The film follows a journalistic investigation into the experiences of young women after reporting incidents of sexual assault. The disturbing findings reveal important truths which journalist Rachel de Leon and Schwartzman are working to change by giving survivors a voice.

Jewish Theater in Philadelphia Schools

Theatre Ariel is making Jewish historical education engaging for the classroom. Their one-act play Survivors, written by Wendy Kout, shares the experiences of 10 Jewish kids and teens who endured—and survived—the Holocaust. The play comes with a study guide to support the goal of teaching students about resilience, dignity, and fighting against injustice. Tickets at theatreariel.org/survivors.

Stories from Israel

Recently dubbed the “Israeli ‘This American Life,’” Israel Story is a podcast about the “extraordinary tales” of “ordinary Israelis.” Recent episodes feature stories about food, religion, sports, technology, pioneer- ing feminists and more. “Israel Story” is produced in partnership with The Times of Israel and The Jerusalem Foundation and is available on all podcast platforms.

Sowing the Seeds of
Liberty (Detail) by
Joan Wheeler; Image
courtesy of CAMP.

Textile Art in Milwaukee

Beginning this September, The Jewish Museum in Milwaukee features a new exhibit about the power of textile art. “Women Pulling at the Threads of Social Discourse” is a collection of work by mostly women artists from The Contemporary Art Modern Project. The show seeks to challenge the social expectations surrounding gender and craft-making, particularly in this stereotypically feminine medium. Through their “soft” creations, the artists raise questions about a variety of hard-hitting issues, from reproductive justice to voting rights. jewishmuseummilwaukee.org


Detroit Jewish Book Fair

On July 19th and August 16th, the Detroit JCC will host in-person discus- sions about popular Jewish fiction! In July, Jean Hanff Korelitz, author of The Latecomer will be the guest-speaker and in August, hear from Armando Lucas Correa, author of The Night Travelers. For more book talk, you can participate in the Detroit JCC’s weekly discussion group every Wednesday. And from November 1–13, the JCC will hold their Annual Jewish Book Fair, featuring presentations from authors from around the world! Find out more at jccdet.org.

Brooklyn Book Festival

On October 1, 2023, the annual Brooklyn Book Festival will take over downtown Brooklyn with a full schedule of book lectures and panels featuring dozens of authors, plus an extensive literary marketplace, full of books and bookish swag from writers, publishers, and more. Stop by Lilith’s booth to meet Lilith staff, writers and editors—and be our ushpizin (guests) in our “bookah” (book sukkah)! Visit brooklynbookfestival.org for more information about the festival, children’s programming, and virtual events.

Compiled by Arielle Silver-Willner