Eliza Douglas

From 1924 to 1951, Dorothy Wolff Douglas, Ph.D., was a professor in (and eventually chair of) the Smith College economics department, where she was a mentor to the feminist author and activist Betty Friedan. She and her partner of 30 years, Katherine DuPre Lumpkin, a sociologist who examined race relations in the American South, broke cultural and academic boundaries, influencing the progressive politics of the period. Now, her great-granddaughter, artist Eliza Douglas (born in 1984) poetically recuperates this lost history in new paintings, “Shadow and Light” and “Blood and Bones.” In each canvas, expertly rendered hands are connected by a network of outlandishly long shirtsleeves. Through October 21, 2018 at the Jewish Museum in New York. thejewishmuseum.org/exhibitions/eliza-douglas