A Careers Website for Rabbis

A new job clearinghouse makes it easier for a congregation, organization or individual to find a rabbi, and allows any community or individual to post a rabbinic position and reach a wide variety of rabbis. Rabbi Rebecca W. Sirbu, who founded this new online resource, says “Rabbis often have a unique skill set that can be useful in many organizations.” Addressing both the rise in the number of congregations not affiliated with any denomination—and thus without access to traditional placement processes—and the fact that almost 50% of the rabbinate is now employed in “non- pulpit” positions, this website is dedicated to connecting rabbis with opportunities for paid work anywhere, full-time, part-time, or even one-time, pulpit work, nonprofit, Hillel, school, or a new kind of venue. It’s hosted by Rabbis Without Borders a project of Clal, the Jewish think tank, resource center, and leadership training organization. RabbiCareers.com