Tag: Amy Stone

Responding to Haiti

Yes, everyone seems to be jumping on the disaster bandwagon. You’d have to be living in a cave to escape the media debate over Israel’s rapid response setting up and… Read more »

'Tis the Season

My doctor goes into a shockingly racist rant about the government’s being incapable of managing health care as proved by H1N1 vaccine just going to “pickaninnies in the ghetto.” A… Read more »

The Joyless “Wedding Song”

Tunis 1942. Allied planes rain down bombs on the ancient streets of Tunis. Jackbooted Nazi soldiers march through the labyrinth alleys. But the images that stick are the excruciatingly lengthy… Read more »

The Haggadah Dilemma

The matzahs are gone; the ongoing question remains: Has anyone found a satisfying haggadah? For the past two years, we’ve used the slim paperback egalitarian “Family Haggadah” by Elie M.… Read more »

Pesach dead hand of the past

(April 8, 2009) I am fuming. I was just in West Side Judaica (Manhattan’s Upper West Side) where a little boy was saying to his grandparents, “We need a Miriam’s… Read more »