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Out and Ordained – An Update

Before updating Lilith readers on the story “Out and Ordained,” in Lilith’s current issue, a few corrections to the published piece: –While Rachel Isaacs is the first openly gay rabbinical… Read more »

Today we’re all gay…

Today we’re all gay… Yes, yes, we’re still in the afterglow. The dinosaurs of Albany, more known for corruption and dysfunction, have stunned and delighted us by making same-sex marriage… Read more »

Missing Esther Broner

I’ve just come home from Esther Broner’s funeral. Esther got the A-list of speakers at her funeral. It was the list she put together right after her beloved husband, Robert,… Read more »

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

Rapunzel, Rapunzel. Disney thinks your name is too girly girly and is calling its upcoming Rapunzel 3D cartoon vision “Tangled.” The Disney Juggernaut fears that giving the film a girl’s… Read more »