Winter 2018-19

Money & Meaning

Money and meaning, from teaching Hebrew school to funding abortion. Three miscarriages and a crisis of faith. Candidates who didn't win. When your family breaks up with you (or vice versa).

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Lilith Feature

Money and Meaning

Lilith Feature

“Not On Speaking Terms.” Estrangement Inside Jewish Families

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A Rosenberg by Any Other Name


In the 20th century, many women changed their Jewish-sounding surnames to avoid workplace anti-Semitism and to get a job. What was gained --and what was forfeited?

Why Diversity Matters


WE WERE KOSHER-STYLE JEWS. Never pork (except in Chinese restaurants); we always walked to services on the holidays (but we didn’t go to Shabbat services); we changed plates for Pesach... Read more »

“And With All Your Might”


It’s not the three miscarriages that soured her relationship with God; her fertility struggle exposed the doubt that had already crept in. 

After the Concession Speech


While the media spotlight has, deservedly, focused on the winners of November’s mid-term elections, it would be ecologically foolhardy to turn all our attention away from the Jewish women who were defeated.

After Years of Silence, a Phone Call — and a Visit


More than anything else, more than revenge, more than the last word, I just wanted peace. I wanted, I needed to know what to do to end this cycle.

Poetry: “Except Following the Rules Will Kill You”


“The Auschwitz Album is the only surviving visual evidence of the process leading to the mass murder at Auschwitz-Birkenau.” — He looked like a man I could have spent my... Read more »

Fiction: The Proper Care of Silver


Social class and gender roles are at play in keeping the house clean.

Late Revelations: When Our Matriarchs Lose Their Filters


At the age of 90, my mother started speaking very differently about her mother. Her jaw tightened when she mentioned her.

In Med School Before Roe v. Wade


She was a young nursing student whose name and face I still remember five decades later, but I will just call her “Jane Roe.”

Cliques and Class in Hebrew School


Teaching wealthy kids shocks Goodman back to the longing, exclusion and shame of her own school days.

Who Can Pay for an Abortion?


Our ideal of reproductive justice rests on a shaky pedestal. Abortion funds are bridging an unsteady present and a frightening future.

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